This Pdf contains the pictures of the main events held in Milan during the furniture fair 2005, in which schools/young designers  have participated.

The events covered are:
• Living space: Ron Arad introduces 15 projects by the students of the postgraduate course of product design at the Royal college of art, London.
Coordinated by Daniel Charny, Roberto Feo and Gabi Klasmer.

• Promise design: Israeli designers working on the subjects of childhood, tableware, postindusrtial crafts, interactive objects, furniture and light.
Curators Prof. Vanni Pasca and Ely Rozenberg

• Design Academy Eindhoven: "Order" new design talents from the Academy of Eindhoven.
Concept by Li Edelkoort.

• V.I.A. (Valorisation de l'innovation dans l'ameublement): Experimentation & Production.
The french event for design, prototypes and new products 2005.

• Interaction institute Ivrea: "Strangely Familiar" Future Unusual Objects for the Everyday Working life.

By: 100%natural-monitor team & Dorina Camusso

The CD contains:
-72 high resolution pictures (mostly 2272x1704 pixels)
-A pdf, composed of the low resolution images, mostly accompanied by a brief description, such as schools, designers, subjects.

Price: €20.00