This Pdf contains the more representative projects shown at Salone Satellite 2005. Organised by materials and typologies. Most projects are selfproduced prototypes, looking for companies to develop the production, distribution links and commercialization.

The participating designers include: Kota Nezu, Esteban Roses, Yasuto Shi Mifune, Patrik Pettersson, Cucumberlab, Y. Yoshioka, Mixco, Permafrost, So-design,Tuttafuffa, Jessica Signell Knutsson.

By: 100%natural-monitor team & Dorina Camusso

The CD contains:
- 49 high resolution pictures (mostly 2272x1704 pixels)
-A pdf, composed of the low resolution images, mostly accompanied by a brief description, such as: designer, producer, materials, name of the product.

Price: €20.00