Design, crafts, fair trade - 100% natural 100%,natural,Fair trade,design,pictures,trade on line,people,e-commerce,crafts,bambu,bamboo,werregue,tagua,totumo,cesti,baskets,trays,vasoi,cinture,belts,jewellery,gioielli,scattole,vasi,lampade,boxes,arredi,forniture,decorazione,decoration,seeds,artigianato,semi Many of our products are traditional household items, others are the result of a design process that cares about function, colour and materials. All these are produced by specialist crafts people, in unique materials, unknown to most. Through pictures we will try to show the way of life, of the people who make this project exist. Design and crafts, the result of a design process caring about function, colour and materials. Produced by specialist crafts people, in unique materials. 100%natural: design, crafts and fair trade 100%natural products are handmade by people of limited resources but with great skills, using native materials of renewable species, that grow in their own lands. These people are full of ancestral knowledge, talent and creativity; just a few have received some specific education in the accomplishment of these works. Our idea is to support these communities, through an instrument that allows them to commercialise their own products in other markets; and increase their possibilities of work, manufacturing other objects specially conceived for this project by qualified designers. The process involves quality controls, to level the products with the highest standards, without changing the traditional concepts that are the expression of their culture. It is important to stand out that this project constitutes a significant way of incomes, to improve the precarious conditions of life of these families. With no need of great investments, (they work with materials that the nature in its surroundings provides them, use the manual labour of different members of the family, the work is developed in their houses or other places such as communal halls or workshops) 100%natural guaranties them a fair price for their honest work.